August Workshop

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I’m teaming up with one of my teacher training friends to bring a workshop to you this August.

The workshop will cover both meditation and yoga, making it accessible to all and easy to implement into your life on a daily basis. No previous experience is necessary and beginners are welcome!

In the 3 hours we will include:

Pranayama- Breathing techniques

What is Ashtanga yoga? Discussing the 8 limbs and how they apply to everyday life

Asanas- Ashtanga based, Vinyasa flow sequence with room for modifications, finding proper alignment, demos, and discussion of the bandhas

Incorporating holistic alternatives- acknowledging stress levels & common triggers

Meditation techniques- a focus on the inner self, walking & seated meditation

Tibetan Bowl practice & a taster of Laughter Yoga

The workshop includes some healthy treats and juices/tea to wrap up the day

Please BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) I do have some extras so please email me at in advance if you’d like one set aside. Besides that, just dress comfortably, bring a bottle of water if you like, and an open mind and heart!

The date of this workshop will be August 14th 2:00PM-5:00PM

Location: Eastbourne House Arts, Bullards Place, London E2 0PT (nearest tube is Bethnal Green)

Keep the date in mind, book the time in your diary, and follow us on social media for more updates!

You can book online here £30 before August 7th, £35 thereafter


Gabriella White:

Twitter: @gabriellawhite

Instagram: @theculturecave



Steph Matthews:

Twitter: @_stephmatthews_

Instagram: @_stephmatthews_





Raw Vegan Brownie Bites

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These are the easiest brownies ever! Okay, they’re not going to be the gooey, fudgy, super chocolatey ones you get when they come straight out of the oven, but they’re a really delicious raw alternative. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. AND they only take five minutes to make!

You could play with these a bit and add in some extras if you wish. I’ve made a basic batch but things such as cacao nibs or some nuts and seeds could enhance them as well. I made mine with a 100% organic cocoa powder as I had run out of raw cacao but you could easily use either or. I would start with one tablespoon if using raw cacao and add more to your liking.

I like to pop these in the freezer for about an hour and then take them out for a few minutes before serving. This recipe doesn’t make too many but they’re pretty rich and moreish and you could always double the recipe if you’d like a few more.

Makes approx. 6-8 brownie bites


1 cup ground almonds

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 ½ tbsp coconut oil

Optional add-ins: cacao nibs and extra cocoa powder to roll them in


  1. Add all your ingredients to a bowl and mix well until everything is comes together combined evenly.
  1. Take ½- 1 tbsp amounts of the mixture and roll into balls coating if you like in cacao nibs, cocoa powder, nuts, seeds, etc.
  1. Arrange on a tray and place in the freezer or fridge until ready to serve.



Donation Yoga Class for Sgt Pepper’s Friends

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Last year, on December 11th, the United Nations declared June 21st to be International Yoga Day. This year marks the very first day of this annual occurrence from here on out.

This is something to be celebrated as it goes to show and prove that people are taking notice of yoga. This traditional practice is keeping up with modern times and being recognized for the value it brings to so many people’s lives.

There are many planned events around the world in preparation for this special day. It also coincides with the Summer Solstice aka the longest day of the year (and the one with the most sunlight!)

Yoga is whatever yoga is for you. It can be spiritual or physical, it can help to restore your health or perhaps allow you to face other challenges in your life. Sometimes people go seeking yoga and other times yoga finds us. It is a journey of oneself but there are times when it brings people together. Yoga does mean “union” after all.

In saying all of this, I wanted to mark this momentous day with a special event. Although yoga has been building up hype in the trendy circles these days, I still believe it is something that should be accessible to all people.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make it to a class or we can’t afford to get into a studio. Maybe you’re even self conscious about going to a class because you are afraid of being “bad” at yoga or you think it’s important to be wearing the most fashionable gear to wear to class (Note: wearing Lululemon pants won’t allow you to suddenly touch your toes! ;) ) Sometimes we find it easier to do things when we are doing something for someone else. We can often find ourselves sacrificing our own time, happiness, and even sanity to help others out instead of ourselves.

However self-love is very important. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we meant to take care of others? I’m asking you to come and join me for a day of yoga and in doing so, offering a donation to a foundation in the making. The foundation I have chosen is Sgt Pepper’s Friends. Perhaps you are already familiar with this but if not I will fill you in.

This foundation is very new and still very much in the making. It has been started by a yogi named Rachel Brathen who you may know more familiarly as Yoga Girl. Rachel and her team have been working on this for the last few months, which you may have already seen if you follow social media. Sgt Pepper’s Friends is all about helping lost and stray animals come back to health and find their forever homes. It’s about animal rescue across the world.

Although there are too many charities and foundations around the globe to count, this one was important for me because unlike us humans, animals don’t have a voice. We’re fortunate we are able to communicate our struggles and challenges however it’s up to us to be the voice for our furry friends. I have always adopted rescue animals and I think it’s important for there to be more resources to help them out.

So please join me in doing something for yourself while also supporting a wonderful cause! The best thing about this event is it is a donation-based class therefore, you spend what you can afford. And if you’d like to give more to help this foundation, even better!

Also, if there is any other way you think you may be able to help out or support the cause then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact me here: with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you!

So go and spread the word! The venue you will be announced shortly and the rest of the details to follow. Be sure to check back on here and across social media for more updates. Book June 21st in your diary and let your friends and family know as well so they can come along and support the union of humans and animals together :)

Please click here to donate and support Sgt Pepper’s Friends


London PopUp Class

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Yoga classes are coming back to London!

I have a popup class scheduled for June 15th in Camden. This will be a Monday evening class with some mornings coming soon too!

There’s also another special event coming for the very first International Day of Yoga on June 21st so watch this space!

Make sure you click on the “Classes” link to find out all the details and follow on social media to keep updated: Twitter & Instagram

Happy Weekend! x

Sunshine Juice

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Juices are a great addition to a healthier diet. I love them for a good dose of potent nutrients delivered in one go. There’s so many different kinds you can make. Often it’s easier to start with one that’s a little sweeter. I was a bit ambitious when I first starting experimenting with juicing and made my first batch with only veggies. Needless to say, it wasn’t very pleasant! If you can manage pure veggies that’s amazing but I find it’s best to start with a small amount of fruit added in to take the edge off.

This one is a really great juice to start with as it’s sweeter than a green juice being mainly fruit based. The ginger adds a nice kick as well. It’s perfect to add to a weekend brunch!

Serves 1-2


*Use organic fruit/veggies where possible*

1 orange, cut in half or quarters

4 small-medium carrots

5 strawberries

1-2 inch piece of fresh ginger


Add everything through the juicer and enjoy.

I like to refrigerate mine for a few minutes so it’s a bit more refreshing. Drink within 24 hours so you retain all the best nutrients.


Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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These cookies though. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to a classic chocolate chip cookie, this should do the trick! Not only are these free from any flour or refined sugar, they can also be made vegan (substituting butter for coconut oil) and still taste amazing! Super simple to put together, they bake up in a matter of minutes for a satisfying chocolate treat.


1 1/2 cups oats (gluten-free if necessary)

1 cup organic shredded coconut

1 cup coconut sugar

1/3 cup organic grass-fed butter or coconut oil

3 tbsp almond milk (or coconut, oat, etc.)

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

pinch of sea salt

100g organic dark chocolate, chopped (80% or higher; I used 90%)


1. Preheat over to 350°F. Add the oats to a food processor and blend until they make a flour. Add the shredded coconut and allow it to blend with the oats for a few pulses.

2. Tip the oats and coconut into a large bowl and add the coconut sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and vanilla, stirring to combine.

3. In a small saucepan on the stove, melt the butter or coconut oil on a low heat. Allow this to cool slightly.

4. Add the melted butter/coconut oil to the dry ingredients and mix together. Fold in the chocolate.

5. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and take tablespoon amounts of the mixture to make the cookies. Leave about 2 inches between each cookie to allow space for them to spread.

6. Bake for 8-10 minutes then allow to cool before indulging!

This recipe makes approximately 28 cookies. They’ll keep for a week in a sealed container (if they last that long!)