A Small Token of Appreciation for My Yoga Practice

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Yoga, you have been my saviour.

For all that has ailed me: anxiety, depression, anger, pain, and the many stresses in life.

For all that you have offered me: happiness, love, acceptance, gratitude, heart opening, connections with my own soul and the beautiful souls of others I have been fortunate enough to meet.

Yoga you have bestowed upon me more wealth than I could ask for from my mat, my friend, my home.

Yoga you are the safe place to explore the raw emotions of my true being.

Yoga you have given me strength unseen in the physical form, more than skin deep, and running farther than the life that exists within me.

Yoga your continued presence is always just what I need at just the right time and just the right place whenever I step foot on the mat.

Yoga I am forever grateful for having you crack me open and seeing the world with different eyes.

Thank you for being there when I have cried, when I have ached, when I have smiled, when I have laughed, when I have mastered a pose, and when I have fallen on my face.

Thank you for giving me time to heal and for giving me hope when I thought there was no more to have.

Thank you for filling me with light in my spirit and therein my every step.

Thank you for always teaching me something new when I create moments of synchronized mind and movement.

Thank you for the spaces in between the breaths, for that is the essence of what really matters.

Yoga thank you, for your infinite support, your unwavering, unapologetic, and unconditional love.


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