Yoga Playlist V

yoga playlist, yoga music, music for yoga, yoga, vinyasa, yoga sequence, spotify, yoga class, yoga practice, meditation, yoga flow, upbeat music, playlist for yogaI’ve got so many random playlists circulating on Spotify at the moment but one just came together a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been loving. I’m playing this all the time when I have a few moments for a short yoga practice and even on my commute in and out of the city.

This playlist and more are all up on Spotify.

  1. Still Wild- La Mar
  2. California Girls- NoMBe
  3. Hustler- Josef Salvat
  4. Wood- Rostam
  5. Matchstick- Yuma X
  6. Kalifornia- Modern Pleasure
  7. Tell Me- ALTA
  8. Runnin Thru My Dreams- Sunny Levine
  9. Sinking (Ft. Nori)- Feverkim
  10. Winter- Daughter
  11. Feels- Giraffage
  12. Stargazer- ISLAND
  13. It’s Alright- Majik
  14. Shiver- Lucy Rose
  15. Want Me- Affelaye
  16. Re: Stacks- Bon Iver




A Small Token of Appreciation for My Yoga Practice

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Yoga, you have been my saviour.

For all that has ailed me: anxiety, depression, anger, pain, and the many stresses in life.

For all that you have offered me: happiness, love, acceptance, gratitude, heart opening, connections with my own soul and the beautiful souls of others I have been fortunate enough to meet.

Yoga you have bestowed upon me more wealth than I could ask for from my mat, my friend, my home.

Yoga you are the safe place to explore the raw emotions of my true being.

Yoga you have given me strength unseen in the physical form, more than skin deep, and running farther than the life that exists within me.

Yoga your continued presence is always just what I need at just the right time and just the right place whenever I step foot on the mat.

Yoga I am forever grateful for having you crack me open and seeing the world with different eyes.

Thank you for being there when I have cried, when I have ached, when I have smiled, when I have laughed, when I have mastered a pose, and when I have fallen on my face.

Thank you for giving me time to heal and for giving me hope when I thought there was no more to have.

Thank you for filling me with light in my spirit and therein my every step.

Thank you for always teaching me something new when I create moments of synchronized mind and movement.

Thank you for the spaces in between the breaths, for that is the essence of what really matters.

Yoga thank you, for your infinite support, your unwavering, unapologetic, and unconditional love.

Yoga Playlist IV

yoga playlist, yoga music, music for yoga, yoga, vinyasa, yoga sequence, spotify, yoga class, yoga practice, meditation, yoga flow, upbeat music, playlist for yogaAnyone else finding it crazy that it’s already March? Time is flying and it’s been a long while since I’ve published a yoga playlist so here’s one that’s been compiling over the last couple of months.

As always, you can find all my playlists up on Spotify.

Happy yoga-ing! x

  1. Always This Late- Odesza
  2. Sound & Colour- Alabama Shakes
  3. Light- Dr. Toast
  4. Everything- City Of The Sun
  5. Can’t Stop Now- Major Lazer, Mr. Vegas, Jovi Rockwell
  6. Inner Ninja- Classified, David Myles
  7. What Do You Mean?- Justin Bieber
  8. Swear Like A Sailor- Tep No
  9. Right My Wrongs- Bryson Tiller
  10. Open- Rhye
  11. Mark- La Plage
  12. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay- Otis Redding
  13. Flume- Coeur De Pirate
  14. Mind Doodles- Alec Troniq
  15. When We’re Fire (Cello Version)- Lo-Fang
  16. If I Be Wrong- Wolf Larsen

HBCxMeet Toronto

health bloggers, food bloggers, the health bloggers community, meet-up, Toronto, Canada, HBCxMeet Toronto, HBCxMeet, event, Toronto events, Toronto life, Canadian, healthy, healthy living, yoga, yoga every damn day, chi junky, raw juice guru, juicingI’m excited to be sharing an event that I will be hosting with The Health Bloggers Community here in Canada!

The Health Bloggers Community is a global network of like-minded individuals whose sole purpose is to connect brands, bloggers, and wellness entrepreneurs across the world. They are based in the UK and have been hosting a variety of health and wellness events, brunches, and workshops since 2014.

They also recently launched their online magazine, which is full of inspiring content from well-known contributors as well as delicious recipes.

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This will be the very first Canadian meet-up, which will be held in Toronto. Rachelle of Chi Junky yoga studio will be the guest speaker alongside an introduction from Raw Juice Guru, who will also be providing attendees with some of their amazing products. It will be a fun morning with the opportunity to connect with some fellow Canadians.

You can find all the details and reserve your space here. Share the event with your friends and family too!

Hope to see you there! x

Yoga Things I Love

crystals, meditation, meditate, yoga, sage, palo santo, yoga essentials, yoga music, music, yoga playlist, essential oils, lavender, meditation essentials, malas, mala beads, crystal beads, angel cards, angels, candles, candlelight, candlelight yoga, rose quartz, amethyst, blue kyanite, quartz, clear quartz, kyanite, sodalite, turquoise, tiger eye, howlite, rudraksha beads, bali, citrine, positive vibes, affirmations, yoga girl, love, happiness, peaceI’ve always been a firm believer that in order to practice yoga all you need is yourself, your mat, and the willingness to begin. No props, no fancy clothes, not even any music. That has certainly changed over the years and in experimenting with my own self-practice! I still believe that for the most part this is true (particularly the willingness part!) but I do think there are some lovely things that you can use and incorporate to create a more enjoyable and fulfilling practice. So here I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve integrated over the years:


If you’ve seen some of my previous posts, you know I often share my yoga playlists on here. I used to only think that music for yoga meant meditative chants and nature sounds. I remember one of my first teachers incorporating songs that I listened to in my free time and thought that was pretty cool. Why couldn’t you practice to music you already know and love? Now I’m always changing it up, sometimes keeping in a few favourites. And I love finding great songs to zone out to in savasana.


Specifically Palo Santo. I absolutely love this wood and often burn it upon waking and before I go to sleep in the evening. The name literally means “Holy Wood’ and it’s known for cleansing the negative energies around us and can even be healing for when we feel unwell and to lift our moods. I’ve found it to be very helpful to burn a little just before I meditate as well as before I begin a yoga practice. To me, it has a lovely cedar-y citrus scent.

Before I discovered Palo Santo I was incorporating essential oils and often times still do. Lavender is wonderfully soothing for an evening practice while something such as bergamot is energizing during the daytime.

Mala Beads

It’s only been very recently that I’ve added to my mala bead collection. I originally had a necklace and bracelet that I brought back with me from Bali after I completed my first yoga teacher training. While I originally bought these because I found them pretty (and quite frankly, everyone I saw had some dangling on them!) they came to be much more than that. Having always struggled with just “being” while attempting to meditate I found that having the beads in my hand gave me a focus. They are similar to that of a rosary in Christianity and have all sorts of meanings depending on the beads used to create them.


Okay, I know it sounds hippie-dippie when you probably think of crystals and I was pretty skeptical about them in the beginning but now I love them. Much like my mala beads, I have found the crystals I have to be super helpful when meditating. Personally, I find having a focus even if that is a physical one, really helps me to relay that into a mental focus. The feeling of a crystal in my hand, the shape, the colour, the properties of each one really evoke a certain mood. My amethyst feels very calming and relaxing, the rose quartz very warming, and my favourite blue kyanite has allowed me to establish a more settled meditation practice.

Angel Cards

If you thought the crystals were going a little deep, you probably think even more so with the mention of angel cards but hear me out!

Despite their name, they do not hold a religious sentiment rather, they hold a spiritual element in however way you see fit.

For someone like myself who never quite grasped the whole “setting an intention for your practice” deal, angel cards have been really handy for that. They’ve also been very insightful in dealing with everyday things.

Sometimes we have bad days or even bad weeks, or we lose focus of things that are important or where we feel we should be going in our lives. Angel cards can be very beneficial in dealing with these situations. Some days I’ll simply use them before I begin my yoga practice while others, I’ll use them in the evening after a long day. Often times, I’ll pull them out when I’m feeling unsettled or anxious and find that whatever comes up is often exactly what I need. There is no right or wrong way to use them.

The above may seem like a lot of items and even indulgent in the practice of meditation and yoga. They are definitely not items you need in order to be able to practice. Some days we have an hour set aside for a session without distraction and other days we have five minutes before we go to sleep to stop and focus on the breath. These are ideas of things you can add to create a more nurtured practice no matter what time you have.

Yoga Playlist III

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I’ve been enjoying some lazier days being back home in Canada. And while I realize I’ve been letting a few things slide, my yoga and mediation practice isn’t one of them. I’ve loved having the time to fully allow myself the entire morning to meditate, practice yoga and move however my body chooses, until relishing in a longer savasana. The songs on this playlist have been incorporated over the past month whether I have 15 minutes or 2 hours set aside to practice.

  1. Moonlight- Message To Bears
  2. Naked As We Came- Iron & Wine
  3. The Woods- Hollow Coves
  4. Hummed Low- Odessa
  5. Overcome- Tora Ft. Potato Potato
  6. Awakening- Aurora
  7. Busy Missing You- Frida Andersson
  8. What Do You Mean?- Justin Bieber
  9. Can’t Stop Now- Major Lazer, Mr. Vegas, Jovi Rockwell
  10. The Last Song- Tom Misch & Carmody
  11. The Last Ones Standing- Tep No
  12. Tenuousness- Andrew Bird
  13. Claire De Lune- Flight Facilities, Christine Hoberg
  14. Head Above The Water- Palace
  15. Angie- The Rolling Stones
  16. Twice- Little Dragon
  17. Blood- The Middle East
  18. Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles

As always you can find it all on Spotify




The Procrastination Of Meditation

cow face pose, yoga pose, asanas, yoga, yoga every damn day, love, teeki, yoga leggings, meditate, yoga girl, yoga practice, focus, yoga and meditation, meditation tips, easy meditation, procrastination

Are you a procrastinator? Or a daydreamer?

In the timing before writing this post, I was trying to tick off a long list of tasks I needed to complete and it got me thinking. Then daydreaming. And procrastinating. Then sidetracked.

I started to have another thought, opened a new window on my browser, started browsing over there, then I wanted to change the track of music I was listening to, then I thought actually, I’m beginning to get a little hungry so I started browsing Pinterest for some inspiration… I think you can see where I’m headed with this. I thought this deserved a post all on its own, as I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling!

It made me realize that the same is true in meditation. How many times have you tried to sit still for a moment to just concentrate on your breath? And in that moment, been distracted by all the other things you need to accomplish to the point where you couldn’t really focus and just gave up.

This happens to me all the time. I have always been a procrastinator then scrambled to do everything at the last minute. Day dreaming comes easy because all the thoughts in my mind tend to run away with my imagination until I forget what I was even thinking about in the first place. Let me assure you that this is normal. Your mind wanders. The key is in trying to bring your mind back to focus and back to your breath.

In this day and age, with all the technology surrounding us, the constant need of keeping up with social media, it’s no wonder it can be hard to break away from everything and just be still.

As I’ve come back to rooting my own meditation practice never has this rang more true for me. In that, I have come to accept that this is what tends to happen. My mind will wander. I will think about what I need to do, what I haven’t done, what’s hanging over me.

You make the time to stop and just be and grant yourself peace and quiet. You make the time to focus your attention away from all your worry and then the second you do this, it all comes to the forefront of your mind. Stress and anxiety seems to bubble up to the surface once you’ve finally allowed yourself the time to separate from it all. It’s very ironic.

But then, a sort of calm washes over. Acceptance.

I reach acceptance that I have anxieties in my life, that there are things sitting in my subconscious, there are things I need to take care of, prepare for, be mindful of. I struggle to keep the focus of my breath while concentrating on tackling my mental list of all these things that suddenly have made themselves so important.

But with acceptance, I find more ease in bringing my wandering mind back to where it needs to be. To focus, to concentrate, to relax and clear my mind, bring awareness back to my body and breath. With acceptance, we can seek the change we’re seeking and move forward.

Eventually, everything becomes quiet and calm and finally, I can meditate.